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Welcome to the BudeStrings Store

These are the instruments and music gear we currently have available for sale, most of which are restored specifically for resale and have been professionally set up.

Unrestored instruments can be restored on request. Prices are for guidance only, offers are welcome.

Please use the contact page for further enquiries, further pictures are available on request.

2018 Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1960s style Gold Top – £375

Unplayed factory fresh guitar with professional neck repair. Completely original with Grover tuners, stock Epiphone humbuckers and electronics. Frets have been levelled crowned and polished, set up to perfection. These retail for £600-650 so this is an absolute bargain. No case.

Mid 1970s Kawai KS-11 guitar – £375

Great quality guitar, solid mahogany, set neck, thick carved maple top, slotted headstock, lovely quality tuners. The top is over sprayed with matt black acrylic as it’s had a long and hard life and the maple top wasn’t very pretty in the first place. Not very original, hence the price. Good ones of these can nudge £1000. I’ve had it over 30 years but now it’s surplus to requirements as I have too many guitars. Comes with a road worn Gibson Les Paul case.

1970s Fresher Flying V Guitar – £300

1970s Fresher Flying V guitar restored from Pete Overend Watts (Mott the Hoople) collection. Completely original apart from tuners and satin black refinish. Levelled, dressed and professionally set up with 09s. Very nice pickups., hard case included.

Mahalo Ukulele with hard case – £20

Solid body single coil electric mandolin – £180

Most electric mandolins are hollow bodied acoustic instruments which can be problematic when using effected/distorted sounds with feedback, unruly harmonics and washiness. This is a specific electric build with a much tighter controlled sound and a beefy single coil pickup which bypasses all the usual problems.

Demo: https://youtu.be/MjeCZOs5xT8

  • Solid A style body, levelled Ibanez511 neck
  • Telecaster neck pickup reading 6.81Ω
  • 250k volume/tone pots running 0.022uf cap
  • Custom brass cover plates
  • High mass brass tailpiece
  • New tuners
  • Black satin finish
  • Phosphor bronze strings

student classical guitar – £30

d Angelique (1980s korean), in need of hardware, saddle and nut but otherwise in sound condition.

Admira classical concert guitar 197 0s – £50

In need of Tuners saddle and nut, otherwise in sound condition

1950s parlour guitar ‘The Michigan’ – £80

A very rare and unusual instrument, good quality 1950s laminate construction and completely original, this just needs a clean and setup.

Home made stick bass – £15

A weird little construction which speaks for itself. Could easily be fitted with a pickup and used as a diddly bow.

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