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BudeStrings music tuition and instrument repairs, Bude, North Cornwall


The Bude based tuition and repair service based on over 30 years’ experience in the music scene playing over a dozen instruments, ranging from two decades spent on the north Cornwall folk scene to performance, sound engineering, instrument repairs and studio design.

Music Tuition

Conducted in a friendly home environment and cater for all ages and abilities and are available for Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo and Vocals. Lesson materials and sheet music are produced in-house and available free of charge. Lessons cater for the individual rather than pushing a grade oriented structure.

Music theory is taught within the context of pieces explored during lessons, providing the means for a solid hands-on understanding of the principles of music theory without being bogged down with abstract concepts. Technical exercises are secondary to actual pieces of music learned but are further encouraged for more advanced players wishing to explore the possibilities of their own musical abilities.

While set pieces initially cover an area of irish and scottish folk, classic rock and classical pieces students are encouraged to introduce their own material, keeping lessons relevant to personal interests.

Instrument Repairs and maintenance

All types of repairs are carried out on stringed instruments, from setups of guitars, basses, mandolins and related instruments to electrical works on electric guitars and basses and structural works such as general repairs, fret work, neck resets and belly repairs. Broken headstock repairs are a speciality and can be carried out cost effectively on entry level instruments. Setups and repairs are also carried out on electronic keyboards, amps, leads and instruments of the violin family.

Extensive restorations and works on high value and rare instruments are routinely carried out, and BudeStrings has in recent years gained a reputation for providing the best setups in the region, with results which often pleasantly surprise life long experienced professional musicians from the studio and performance sectors as well as collectors of instruments.

While strings are often supplied with setups and repair works, customers are encouraged to supply their own preference of strings when dropping off instruments for work to be carried out. BudeStrings does not currently stock strings for resale.

Sheet Music and transcriptions

Carried out in-house to support music tuition. Scores for lessons are often produced on request and professional commissions for studio, education and performance are carried out.  All BudeStrings sheet music for copyrighted materials falls within the ‘Fair usage’ copyright rules for educational materials.

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