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Learning in group workshops

One to one tuition is not the only way – some people prefer to learn and play in a more social setting and indeed when it comes to more advanced playing skills then this is often better done in a group rather than as an individual

BudeStrings workshop are specifically tailored to suit particular age and ability groups across a wide spectrum. This can mean giving primary school children and introduction to the basics or more mature students broadening what skills they already have.

The workshops are held in a variety of settings ranging from schools to bars and venues. Workshops outside of schools are held on weekends and involve around six hours tuition time with short tea breaks and half an hour for lunch. Food will normally be provided and refreshments tend to be available at the venue. Check the particulars of each workshop for details.

Instruments and accessories will not be provided for the workshops, so make sure you have your own guitar, picks and capo. Sheet music and learning materials are available from this website and should be printed off by the students themselves. If you should require me to print for you i need to know well in advance of the workshop and a charge of £0.25 per page will apply

Current and upcoming workshops will be detailed below and on the BudeStrings Facebook page.

Introduction to guitar for young beginners

Venue: Bridgrule C of E Primary School. Click for Map

Running time April 2014 – July 2014

Cost £500.00 per term (total 20h)

Age 5-10

This is an exciting new concept developed with head Maura Furber offering an alternative to peripatetic teaching in schools. All students in the school are taking part in the workshop in groups of 5-7 students and aim toward a final performance at the end of summer term. Students are then free to pursue private tuition with BudeStrings should they wish to.

If you would like any more information on this workshop or run a similar project at your school please get in touch via the Contact Page.

Introduction to Folk and acoustic guitar

Venue: Bridge Inn, Bridgrule. Click for Map

Running time to be arranged

Cost £65.00 per person

Age 18+

This workshop is an introduction to folk and acoustic music for guitarists with 2 years or more playing experience who want to understand the mechanics and conventions of irish and scottish folk music. Held in a friendly pub setting this is an all day workshop running from 10:30 to 17:00 with tea breaks and a half hour lunch. Food is provided and refreshments can be purchased on site.

The aim is to provide a grounding in folk music and allow students to become with the time signatures and chord structures in a pub environment. students will be split into small groups and work toward an end of day performance. Some brief guidance will be given on technique, music theory and the basics of multi instrumental arrangement.

If you would like any more information on this workshop or run a similar project in your pub or venue please get in touch via the Contact Page.

CRB checked

I hold a current CRB disclosure in accordance with regulations for working with children and vulnerable adults.

For further information or comments please get in touch via the Contact page.

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