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Musical Instrument Repairs

Musical Instrument Repairs

I carry out extensive musical instrument repairs on Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolins and similar instruments. Below is a brief outline of some common repair and maintenance tasks and guide prices:

Please note that the prices outlined below are labour only prices – any parts and materials provided and used will have to be charged separately. These are of course only guide prices – I can give more accurate cost estimates on an individual basis.

Please also note that I do my best to help customers avoid repairs which are not cost effective. When I feel that the quality of the instrument does not justify the cost of repairs I make it very clear that repairs should only proceed if the customer is particularly attached to the instrument.

  • Basic action set-up for fretted instruments

    This involves setting the truss rod correctly and setting the correct string heights at the nut and bridge ends.

    Price £20-£35

  • Neck reset and fret dress for fretted instruments

    When a basic setup of the action will not cure dead notes or buzzing frets this is because the neck is warped and/or the frets are not all the same height. The solution is to straighten the neck and then dress the frets, i.e. file them down until they are all the same height and recrowning them to give them the correct shape.

    Price £60-£85

  • Refretting

    Sometimes the frets are too badly worn to cure the problem with a fret dress. In this instance the old frets need to be replaced and the new frets dressed to match the rest of the neck. It may be possible to only replace a limited number of frets or in severe cases the entire neck may need to be refretted.

    Individual frets £20

    Full refret £120-£160

  • Wiring overhaul

    When electric insrtruments are suffering from crackly pots, intermittent connections, buzzing or non functioning pickups then the wiring is in need of an overhaul. Pots need to be cleaned or repaired and soldered joints may need to be repaired. This can be done as a full overhaul or by addressing individual components such as input jacks or pots. This is harder to give a guide price for as guitar electrics have large variations in complexity.

    Individual components from £20

    Full wiring overhaul £40-£90

  • Full overhaul

    Many customers come to me with instruments which have been purchased on a spares or repair basis – these are quite often vintage instruments and represent a very cost effective way of obtaining a high quality instrument at a relatively low cost. Sometimes a guitar purchased for under £100 and refurbished can more than equal instruments with a value of many hundreds of pounds or more.

    A full overhaul would tend to include a fret dress or refret, wiring overhaul if appropriate and replacement or remanufacture of components such as nut, bridge or pots so cost can vary greatly.

    Price £120-£300

  • Various repairs

    I also carry out many repairs which are hard to put a guide price to. These include repairing broken headstocks or necks, repairs to the guitar body and replacement of faulty machine heads.

    Any such repairs are best appraised on an induvidual basis

Electronic Repairs

I carry out repairs and servicing on Amplifiers, electronic keyboards and other music hardware.

Such repairs must always be appraised on an individual basis and it may be hard for me to give a price until I have started investigating what the problem is.

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