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Music Tuition Services

Instrument Tuition

I offer music tuition services for Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin and Vocals for folk, blues and rock based music. I will teach you what you want to learn – you decide. Also, for Guitar and Bass I can teach you according to the Rockschool syllabus for a more structured approach to learning. Visit Rockschool for more information.

All lessons are based at my home address – due to time and cost constraints I regret that it is not practical for me to provide home visits. However should you require special arrangements please do enquire, but please understand there will be additional costs involved.

Learning in group workshops

One to one tuition is not the only way – some people prefer to learn and play in a more social setting and indeed when it comes to more advanced playing skills then this is often better done in a group rather than as an individual

BudeStrings workshop are music tuition services specifically tailored to suit particular age and ability groups across a wide spectrum. This can mean giving primary school children and introduction to the basics or more mature students broadening what skills they already have. For more information refer to the Workshops page.

Current and upcoming workshops will be detailed below and on the BudeStrings Facebook page.

Innovative Teaching

I have produced innovative lesson materials for entry-level learners. These teach:

  • Basic sight-reading and playing skills
  • Rhythm patterns
  • Chord changes and chord theory
  • Scales

These have been well-received by local music teachers for their fresh approach. These lesson materials are currently being prepared for publication, as is my growing Sheet Music collection. I produce a lot of my sheet music upon student request.

Music Notation and Theory

I also teach music notation and theory. You do not need to be able to read it to learn to play – I am a great believer in learning to play by ear – but it is almost essential if you wish to follow the Rockschool syllabus, and of undeniable usefulness when it comes to appreciating the finer points of rhythm and chord structures.

Rockschool Grades at Bude Strings

Europe’s premier Rock Music Examination Board, Rockschool offers qualifications similar to the grades found in classical music, geared towards musicians with more modern tastes. There are a total of nine grades, which divide into four levels, corresponding to the National Qualifications Network.

All the graded music exams have an original set repertoire, encourage improvisation and have an element of free choice so you can play the music you love and get a certificated qualification. Examinations take place annually at a local facility in Stratton.

For further information visit  www.rockschool.co.uk

Songwriting, Performance and Arrangement Tuition for Individuals and Bands

Playing collaboratively, writing music, and producing music are skills that do not come naturally to everyone. I have a lot of experience in this field encompassing a wide variety of instruments and musical styles, and I can help with:

  •   Band tuition for rehearsals and performances
  •   Basic vocal coaching
  •   Songwriting, composition and arrangement
  •   Coaching in basic recording and mixing methods

I have a number of very knowledgeable and experienced contacts in the music industry, who I can refer to for more in-depth technical knowledge.

Maintenance and Repair Service and Tuition

Being able to maintain and repair your own instrument is a great skill for any musician to have. I have always looked after my instruments myself. If you want to learn how to care for your instrument as well as play it, I can offer you guidance on setting-up, maintaining and basic repairs as part of my music tuition services.

For beginners, and those who prefer to leave repairs and maintenance to someone with experience of doing so, I offer a basic setting up service and can carry out a wide range of repairs for your instrument.

For more technical repair work on high end instruments I can recommend Martin Cole, an excellent luthier based near Bude who has done some great work for me.

Other Services

I can also offer my services for arrangement, production of sheet music, session playing and sound engineering. Please get in touch via the Contact page with details of your enquiry.

For further information or comments please get in touch via the Contact page

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