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BudeStrings Bass Tuner

This page contains tuners and tuning details for Bass Guitar. In order to use the tuners, simply click on the string buttons and a tuning note will play. For best results ensure you are using desktop speakers – onboard laptop or mobile phone speakers will not be very effective for this page.

If the tuners do not work properly, Internet Explorer users may have to enable Javascript and Firefox users will have to make sure they have Quicktime installed. Alternatively you could all do yourselves a favour and install the Google Chrome browser.

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Bass Guitar Tuner

BudeStrings Bass Tuner BBudeStrings Bass Tuner EBudeStrings Bass Tuner ABudeStrings Bass Tuner DBudeStrings Bass Tuner G

Tuning pattern: ascending fourths

This tuning is for five string bass. For four string bass, simply omit the B.

String pitches (Low to High)

  •  B0, 30.87Hz
  •  E1 ,  41.20 Hz
  •  A1, 55.ooHz
  •  D2, 73.42Hz
  •  G2, 98.00Hz

Tuning the Bass to itself:

You can fret each string to find the pitch of the next string

  • B string [Fret 5] = E1
  • E string [Fret 5] = A1
  • A string [Fret 5] = D2
  • D string [Fret 5] = G2
  • You can fret each string to find the octave above the pitch of the string below it

    • E string [Fret 7] = B1
    • A string [Fret 7] = E2
    • D string [Fret 7] = A2
    • G string [Fret 7] = D3

    You can also play simultaneous harmonic notes on adjacent strings which are separated by one octave. This works particularly well on high quality bass guitars. Harmonic interference will cause a vibrato effect if the strings are not tuned to each other, and the strings are tuned to each other when no harmonic interference is audible

    • B string [Fret 12] and E string [Fret 7]
    • E string [Fret 12] and A string [Fret 7]
    • A string [Fret 12] and D string [Fret7]
    • D string [Fret 12] and G string [Fret 7] 


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